Poverty Info
Poverty is local. It is global. It affects people in urban areas and rural areas alike. It affects us all.

CAP St. Joe is active at the state and national level in helping improve policies that help families out of poverty. Our staff members take part in local and national trainings to learn new approaches to fighting poverty and share ideas with other experts in the field. Please contact us to learn more about poverty in Northwest Missouri or to plan a
Poverty Simulation for your organization or workplace.

Community Needs Assessment (administered bi-annually to the community and our clients to determine the most pressing needs of our community):
2011 Community Needs Assessment Executive Summary
2011 Community Survey and Results

2011 Client Survey and Results

Poverty data for our service area and Missouri:
Kids Count data for Missouri

American Community Survey Briefs--Household Income for States

National-level data:

Federal 2013 Head Start Poverty Guidelines

U.S. Census Bureau

“How We Measure Poverty,” from the Los Angeles Times 

"Percentage of Americans Living in Poverty Rises to Highest Level Since 1993," from the New York Times

Authors/speakers on poverty: 
“Bridges Out of Poverty,”
by Ruby Payne

“See Poverty, Be the Difference,”
by Donna Beegle

State and National Community Action links:

Missouri Association for Community Action (MACA)

Community Action Partnership
, the National Association, Washington, D.C.

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